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I am going to be as concise as possible in this about me section:

Stories Dad Never Told You is a compilation of stories I wrote while I was in the Peace Corps for 27 months living in rural Latin America.

While living in a isolated hut for two years that would have made Henry David Thoreau proud, I reflected and wrote down my formative experiences as a young man.  I considered the fact that once I have kids, I will probably never share these stories with my son or daughter because A) I will be ashamed of them and B) I probably will have moved on from them.

I concluded that fact that these formative experiences are the ones I wish I knew about my own dad.

I recently returned to the U.S.  I created this blog to share the stories. I realize about one every week.

The stories are all true except where noted, although the names of people and places have been changed for privacy reasons.  They are about innocence, assholery, love, hook-ups, prostitutes, frustration, jealousy and, I hope life.  If nothing else, they are honest. I hope you enjoy them.

– Nick Black

What do you wish you knew about your dad?

You can leave a comment on the blog or send me an email at nickblackwriter [at] gmail [.] com.

Let the healing begin. These are The Stories Your Dad Never Told You (updated weekly):

How it Began

Your Dad’s First Sex Talk (From Your Grandma)

When She’s too Good to be True

Next week: A letter from the girl who took your Dad’s virginity


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